classy node.js badges, that's all

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Chrome Extension

Some people just don't get it and won't have NodeICO badges on their GitHub READMEs. You can fix this on your end by installing the NodeICO Chrome Extension for GitHub and have them placed on READMEs for Node.js projects that don't have them when you're browsing.

Badge Styles


Some people don't really appreciate too much bling, so here's compact=true:


Really don't like clutter but don't want to be left out? Try mini=true:

Download counts

Add downloads=true to the image URL query string:

Download rankings

Add downloadRank=true to the image URL query string:

Download rankings are calculated each day by comparing total download counts across a period of 30 days.

Star counts

Add stars=true to the image URL query string:

Or downloads, rank and stars:

Download histogram badges

So, we have the download data per-day so why not do something interesting with it?

Embed with: <a href="<package>/"><img src="<package>.png"></a>

Or in Markdown: [![NPM](<package>.png)](<package>/)

By adding months=X to the query string where X is a number between 1 and 12, you can change the range:

Download histogram badges also have three possible heights to match the general badges: