classy node.js badges, that's all

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Or in Markdown:

Shut up and make me one NOW!


Some people don't really appreciate too much bling, so here's compact=true:


Really don't like clutter but don't want to be left out? Try mini=true:

Download counts

Add downloads=true to the image URL query string:

Star counts

Add stars=true to the image URL query string:

Or both stars and downloads:

Download histogram badges

So, we have the download data per-day so why not do something interesting with it?

Embed with: <a href="<package>/"><img src="<package>.png"></a>

Or in Markdown: [![NPM](<package>.png)](<package>/)

By adding months=X to the query string where X is a number between 1 and 12, you can change the range:

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